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The Reading Shelter - A Universal Necessity

The Reading Shelter - something that has grown so close to my heart and my soul. Something I have been so busy with creating, that I almost missed the chance to enjoy it and realize how much I love and need it. Right now, it is morning in Hamburg. The Reading Shelter is closed, and while every time a curious person stops at our window to study our lovingly put together texts, books and objects, I feel like I want to walk to the door, unlock it, step outside and invite them in. But luckily today I picked a seat far from the door and I can resist rushing over there and that way, I stay alone in the Reading Shelter, that is covered in spots of daylight this morning and it becomes to me: my writing shelter. There is something very special about the connection of the concept of the Reading Shelter and this big unrenovated former toy shop that we are in. The aura they form is so special and while there were moments I was looking forward to the RS to be over, so that I can take back control o

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